We're more than a TPA.

Risk is inevitable. That's why we identify, assess and mitigate it. At CareWorks Comp, we’re a risk solutions provider for employers in a state fund workers' compensation system. We help employers understand their risks and prevent losses, so they can achieve the lowest cost. When an injury does occur, we have the experience to handle even the most complex claims, in a straightforward way.

Results you can see and feel

Results matter. Cost savings are critical to ensuring a successful client relationship. We’ve saved employers in state fund workers' compensation systems more than $3.1 billion in upfront, premium discounts. We’ve returned nearly $400 million in premium refunds.
But at CareWorks Comp, we go beyond the numbers. It's the peace of mind, confidence and compassion you feel when you work
with us.

Premium Discount & Refund Programs

Some states allow employers in similar risk classes to pool together to achieve premium discounts or refunds based on their exposures, claims performance and claim history. We’ll help you navigate the discount and refund programs available in your state, and we’ll place you in the right program that meets state requirements and minimizes your workers’ compensation premium.

  • Expertise

    Individual and group rating programs
    Individual and group retrospective rating programs
    Deductible programs
    Association and chamber member management

Claims Administration

Our experienced claims professionals leverage data and act quickly, making savvy decisions and delivering results you can see and feel. We handle even the most complex claims, including disputed claims, and we advocate on your behalf to ensure your best interests and give you peace of mind. We’re committed to claims excellence and provide quality, compassion and consistency in everything we do.

  • Expertise

    Claims Management
    Continuing salary in lieu of benefits
    Claim settlements
    Return-to-work services
    Employer representation at hearings

Risk Control

The best claim is the one that never happens. That’s why we develop comprehensive workplace safety and injury prevention programs that are based on state-specific requirements and help you identify, evaluate and reduce your workplace injuries to achieve premium discounts and refunds.

  • Expertise

    Risk Assessments
    Physical visits
    Data analysis
    Risk Control Consulting
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance experts
    Onsite & online safety training
    Root cause analysis
    Injury cost analysis
    Program development

Unemployment Program Management

We’re here to help you save on unemployment insurance costs, whether you get your workers’ compensation insurance through your state, a private company or you self-insure. Our dedicated claims experts partner with you to respond to unemployment claims, helping you understand when benefits are owed and when to contest a claim. We also offer tax analyses, including rate verifications, joint account analysis and voluntary contribution recommendation. We’ll help you understand all your options and make sure you’re maximizing savings.

  • Expertise

    National unemployment compensation claims management
    Tax rate verification
    Joint account analysis
    Voluntary contribution recommendations


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