Expanding Better You, Better Ohio Program!

The BWC has expanded its Better You, Better Ohio! Program. More people are now eligible to get paid to get healthy.The expanded program now includes all injured workers regardless of comorbidity status and all employer’s with less than 150 employees.

If you do not already offer a wellness program to your employees, this is a great opportunity to get your employees involved to improve their health. By partnering with ActiveHealth, qualifying employees will be given access to free health assessments, biometric screenings, lifestyle, and disease management, personalized health coaching and nurse advice line, access to a website with integrated coaching/tutorials, and other education/training.

Onsite biometric screening events have been offered for employers with at least 30 participants.

How it helps employers

Employers can reap great benefits from having a healthy workforce. Healthy employees are less prone to injury. And, when they are injured, their ability to recover is enhanced greatly. Overall, employers with a healthy workforce have lower workers’ compensation and health-care costs. Better You, Better Ohio! can:

  • Help prevent injuries through improved workforce health and safety.
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve presenteeism.
  • Reduce severity of an injury.
  • Improve the recovery time from an injury.
  • Reduce time away from work due to an injury.

For more information:

Jodie Napier